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WooCommerce the Platform of Choice

Over the last couple of years WordPress has become the platform of choice for Ecommerce stores. More and more e-commerce store owners are moving to WordPress and WooCommerce for selling their products online. This is because WordPress is one of the easiest and most user-friendly platforms available for e-commerce stores. You don’t really need a developer to build and run your website. It is so simple that you can do it all on your own. Plus a host of readily available plugins on the WooCommerce Plugin store means that whatever you need is already available. You don’t need to engage a developer to make special Plugins for your website. You can use one of the many already available on the store.

The most important Product Review Plugin

One of the most important plugins that WordPress users add to their website these days is the aveJana ratings and reviews software. It is a fact that 97% of users read reviews before they buy products online. So if you do not have reviews on your website …