WooCommerce the Platform of Choice

Over the last couple of years WordPress has become the platform of choice for Ecommerce stores. More and more e-commerce store owners are moving to WordPress and WooCommerce for selling their products online.
This is because WordPress is one of the easiest and most user-friendly platforms available for e-commerce stores. You don’t really need a developer to build and run your website. It is so simple that you can do it all on your own.
Plus a host of readily available plugins on the WooCommerce Plugin store means that whatever you need is already available. You don’t need to engage a developer to make special Plugins for your website. You can use one of the many already available on the store.

The most important Product Review Plugin

One of the most important plugins that WordPress users add to their website these days is the aveJana ratings and reviews software. It is a fact that 97% of users read reviews before they buy products online. So if you do not have reviews on your website there is a good chance that users coming to your website are actually going elsewhere to read reviews. And once they have left your website to read reviews elsewhere, you have allowed some of the most likely people to purchase, go to a competitor. What a bummer!
Think about it yourself. Suppose you were shopping online and had the option to shop from two websites. One of the websites has actual customer reviews and the other has none. Which one are you most likely to buy from? The one with the reviews I bet.

aveJana Reviews Plugin for Wordpress

This is where the aveJana Reviews Plugin for WordPress is so useful. It is Free and Super easy to install. aveJana not only helps you automate your review generation process but also helps you get 9x more reviews than your ordinary review widget.

 aveJana’s review generation engine automatically sends emails to your customers a few days after they have made the purchase. It also sends your customers 2 reminders at designated intervals in case they have not submitted their review. The best part is that you can set the frequency at which email invitations go to your customers yourself.

The Inmail form technology.
One of the biggest questions that online store owners have is whether their customers would be willing to give reviews. Well you would be surprised at how many customers are willing to give reviews. In general people are very appreciative of a good experience and are very willing to share it. And aveJana makes it very easy for them to share these experiences.
What is really amazing with aveJana is its signature Inmail form technology. It ensures up to 9x more reviews that the normal review widget. aveJana’s Inmail form technology enables your customers to write their reviews from within the email itself. They are not directed to any third party page which means the drop off rates are much lower. And more reviews generally mean more sales. WordPress stores that have adopted aveJana Reviews have generally reported an instant improvement in conversion rates.

Get more qualified traffic to your WordPress site.
Get more qualified traffic to your website with product reviews. aveJana’s 3SEO technology enables search engines to easily crawl your reviews.
70% of all search engine search is long tail keywords. And reviews from customers are naturally rich in long tail keywords. So when search engines are able to crawl reviews on your website, then they get lot of material from your website in the form of long tail keywords. When your potential customers search using these long tail keywords, there is a good change that search engines will show your product pages in the results.
The customer landing on your website through long tail keywords are people who are genuinely interested and looking to buy products like yours. Therefore, the conversion rate of such customers will be very high.

Get Fresh Keyword Rich Data on Your Product Pages everyday
With new data being added to your product pages every day, it not only keeps your pages fresh but also adds more relevant data to your page. This helps your page rank higher than it would normally do in search engine results.
aveJana wordpress review plugin also gets you ready for Google’s latest Penguin algorithm update. With Penguin going Real Time Live, Google will promote or demote page ranks for spammy backlinks on a real time basis. This means the earlier possibility of gaining domain authority by gaining spam links is no more possible.
Another recent change in Google algorithms has been that keyword density is no more one of the most important ranking criteria. Google will now try to determine the relevancy of the content on your page to rank the page. To determine relevancy it is likely to take into account many factors. Two of the important ones are likely to be time spent on site and bounce rate.
Reviews help you achieve both these objectives. Reviews add more relevant content to your pages which is fresh and increasing regularly. Prospective customers are likely to spend time reading reviews, leading to higher time spent on page. Also, since 97% of consumers read reviews before they buy online, the bounce rate will come down considerably once reviews are there on your product page.
Thus reviews on your WordPress product page will help you stay ahead in search results post the recent changes in Google Algorithms

Drive Qualified traffic from Social Pages.

aveJana a Customer review software also helps you drive qualified traffic from your Social Pages. One of the coolest things that aveJana does is that it helps share your best on your social pages right from the aveJana dashboard.
Not only does this help keep your social pages fresh, it also helps bring in more qualified traffic to your website. This leads to higher conversions and sales for online stores.
Let your WordPress Site stand out in Google Search results.

 AveJana also makes your WooCommerce Product Reviews Google rich snippets enabled. This helps you stand out in search results in Google. It not only helps increase traffic to your website, but also helps increase conversions as it brings in qualified traffic.
WordPress is one of the simplest yet sophisticated platforms for ecommerce stores. The host of plugins available make it a suitable choice for businesses without too large development teams. aveJana’s review plugin is one such plugin which ensures that wordpress stores are able to fully harness the power of reviews and increase conversions & sales.
Source: https://medium.com/@avejanareview/how-to-create-product-reviews-for-your-wordpress-website-dee90e467c8e#.yvxu73354


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