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5 Wordpress Plugins you must Download before you make your First Sale

In the last few years Wordpress has taken the online world by storm. From being a popular blogging platform Wordpress has now transformed into a full scale eCommerce platform with the introduction of the WooCommerce plugin.
With WooCommerce setting up a self-hosted online store has become super easy. It is plug and play.  Just download WooCommerce and create your products, do some easy settings and you are ready. Also with a solid ecosystem in place, WooCommerce offers a plugin for almost everything. So you don’t need to go custom building things.
No doubt then that Powered by WooCommerce, Wordpress has now become the 2nd most popular eCommerce platform globally, right after Magento. 

To help you make the most of your Wordpress/WooCommerce store I have listed below the 5 wordpress plugins I believe every store should have even before it goes live.
Popular as Wordpress may be, but it is very prone to hacking. Therefore, even before you go live with your Wordpress website, you m…