5 Wordpress Plugins you must Download before you make your First Sale

In the last few years Wordpress has taken the online world by storm. From being a popular blogging platform Wordpress has now transformed into a full scale eCommerce platform with the introduction of the WooCommerce plugin.

With WooCommerce setting up a self-hosted online store has become super easy. It is plug and play.  Just download WooCommerce and create your products, do some easy settings and you are ready. Also with a solid ecosystem in place, WooCommerce offers a plugin for almost everything. So you don’t need to go custom building things.

No doubt then that Powered by WooCommerce, Wordpress has now become the 2nd most popular eCommerce platform globally, right after Magento. 

To help you make the most of your Wordpress/WooCommerce store I have listed below the 5 wordpress plugins I believe every store should have even before it goes live.


Popular as Wordpress may be, but it is very prone to hacking. Therefore, even before you go live with your Wordpress website, you must install a security plugin. The most popular plugin for securing your site is Wordfence. It has a very powerful Free version which is available on the Wordpress plugins store. It protects you against Brute force attacks as well as malicious injections.  However, when you are running a Wordpress website make sure you have very strong and secure passwords for both the website as well as at the server level.

Yoast SEO: 

Whether you are running a blog or a website that sells, Yoast is a must have plugin. Yoast helps you improve the SEO of your website and helps you write content that is SEO friendly. It gives you Live feedback on whether the content you are writing is SEO friendly or not. It also gives you feedback about where you need to make changes to make the content more SEO friendly. Yoast also comes with a Free Version which is more than enough if you are just starting out.

AveJana Reviews: 

Over 97% of online shoppers read reviews before they buy a product online. Naturally therefore, every store that wants to succeed needs to generate as many authentic customer reviews as possible. This is where the AveJana Wordpress Review plugin comes into play. AveJana is a wordpress review plugin that helps generate up to 9x more reviews for WooCommerce stores.

This Wordpress product review plugin also offers Inmail form technology, which enables your customers to add reviews within the email itself. Thus, getting you more reviews.

It is one of the most popular Wordpress Rating plugins as it offers InMail form technology also at a very reasonable price. AveJana also has a Free version which is very useful for stores that are just starting out. And the pricing is structured such that you pay more only as your store starts sending out more review invitations.

In short the AveJana Wordpress Review plugin helps eCommerce stores generate more reviews, increase traffic and improve conversions & sales. It is therefore an essential plugin to have on your store. 

WP Smush:
 Speed is of critical importance when running a website. If your site speed is slow then it will impact your SEO rankings and also lead to high bounce rates. WP Smush is a plugin that helps you optimize the size of images on your website, without effective the quality of the images.  Since images are one of the biggest reasons for slow page loads, WP Smush helps improve your page load times. It is therefore a must for any new store. 
W3 Total Cache:

Another plugin that helps improve page load speeds. Caching your site is the best way to make sure your site loads fast and the server does not go down when there is a sudden spike in traffic. 
W3 Total Cache is probably the most advanced caching plugin available for WordPress. It also has a Free version that does a pretty decent job. Add it to your store before you launch it. 

The above plugins are essential for any WooCommerce store to succeed in the hyper competitive eCommerce market. Get them on your website today and start seeing the difference. If you have any comments or thoughts or know any other great plugins then please mention in the comments section


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