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The Top 3 Trustpilot Alternatives AND MORE!

If you are looking for a TrustPilot alternative you have come to the right place. This article will not only tell you the Top 3 three TrustPilot alternatives but also help you choose the best type of review system for your business.
So what is TrustPilot exactly? TrustPilot is a third party reviews website where you invite your customers to come and give a review about your business. Anyone can create your company on such third party websites and write a review about your company. So even though you may not have created your company profile on TrustPilot you may still have reviews on TrustPilot. Most often such reviews are likely to be nasty reviews because let’s face it a happy customer is unlikely to really take the pain of creating a company and writing a review. Once the review is submitted by someone it is up to TrustPilot to publish or not publish such a review. You have absolutely no control over the reviews.

Remember that you have NO control.
The fact that you as a business have no…